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Matt Ruby Head of School for Gould AcademyThere’s something special about this place. Visitors talk about the warmth, doors held, smiles, and offers of help. Alumni talk about their lifelong friends, teachers they love and return to see, and opportunities that sparked passions and launched careers. Faculty talk about how they love the students, the sense of community, and pride in the success of our graduates. And, of course, we are surrounded by the beauty of this place.

It’s also about the AND. The chance to learn about yourself AND your role in community AND the work that has meaning for you. Gould’s strong student-faculty relationships, tight-knit community, and notable array of programs make it possible for students to explore and excel in more than one area as they develop the habits of mind and character they will need in all of their relationships and endeavors. Gould is an AND kind of place.

This is possible because of the spirit of innovation, engagement with the world, and service to others that has defined the school for over 180 years.

We’ve been a leader in experiential learning through our Four Point Program. Our partnership with Sunday River has created an unrivaled multifaceted on-snow and academic learning environment. Schools are visiting Gould to see what’s happening with design thinking in the Marlon Family IDEAS Center and to better understand our distance partnership program with the Manhattan School of Music – leadership that has been recognized with a $100,000 grant from the EE Ford Foundation.

And our students are doing incredible things – they want to explore, create, and make the world better. They are innovators and doers. That’s in the DNA of this place. Gould students are conducting science research that could save lives, helping people who suffer from food insecurity, teaching and providing emergency medical care at Sunday River, conducting primary research with the Bethel Historical Society, and writing with the artists who come to Gould through the Richard Blanco Visiting Writers Program.

Of course, this is driven by our faculty, educational leaders who face the challenges of our day – whether it’s scientific or social, technological or ethical – head on. They develop the programs and experiences that inspire our students and ground them in the challenges and responsibilities they will certainly face. They teach, coach, advise, and live with our students. Our faculty are dedicated, amazing people.

All of this happens because we are tied together and inspired by our Mission: to help academically motivated students prepare for college and to become independent-minded, ethical citizens who will lead lives of purpose, action, excellence, and compassion in a dynamic world.

Explore our website then visit us. I think you’ll be inspired, too.



Matt Ruby
Head of School

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