Co-Curricular Activities

In addition to the many interscholastic athletic opportunities available to students, Gould Academy offers the option to take part in co-curricular activities that promote healthy living and develop lifelong skills through participation.

Nordic Skiing Development Program
The Nordic Skiing Development Program is designed for students interested in Nordic skiing, but who have no formal training. This program is intended to teach introductory techniques and set a foundation for later training with the Prep Nordic Team or the Gould Academy Competition Program’s Nordic Team.

Learn to Ski/Ride Program
The Gould Learn to Ski/Ride Program is designed for students who have little or no formal skiing or snowboarding training. The goal of this program is to learn the fundamentals required to ski or snowboard independently. Once a student has mastered the basics, he/she would move to the competitive Prep Alpine, Prep Snowboarding, or even Gould Academy Competition Program.

Gould’s Farm
Housed in an on-campus barn built by students, the Farm offers experiential learning through a variety of projects, organic farming, forestry, and care of animals. The barn is home to sheep, chickens, pigs, and more depending on the year and season. Many classes frequent the barn as it fits with their curriculum and may participate in a range of activities. These activities include birthing animals, tapping trees, making maple syrup, visiting regional agricultural fairs, building projects, working on nearby farms, planting organic vegetables to harvest for the local pantry, and tending to the campus compost pile.

Fall Performance/Spring Musical
Physical Performance is open to students with backgrounds or interests in acting, improvisation, and/or dance. Through the structure of a play, students craft a fall and/or spring performance that incorporates dancing, singing, and acting. Students explore the boundaries between the forms to see how narrative can be conveyed through physical movement and vocal presentation. Past performances have included The Laramie Project, Macbeth, Metamorphosis, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Lucky Stiff, and The Sound of Music.

Outing Club
Offered throughout all three seasons, Gould’s Outing Club allows students to make the most of their surroundings through learning map and compass skills, climbing mountains in nearby state and national forests, ice and rock climbing, Wilderness First Aid courses, skinning up snow-covered mountain peaks (and then skiing down), and camping trips.

Ski Instruction
For students interested in helping others either learn to ski or snowboard or participate in an on-snow sport, Gould Academy offers two co-curricular instruction programs: Rugrats, where students help local elementary students learn how to ski/snowboard, and the Maine Adaptive Instruction Development Program, where students train to assist winter enthusiasts with physical disabilities.

Ski Patrol
The only program of its kind recognized by the National Ski Patrol, Gould’s Ski Patrol Program offers accomplished skiers and snowboarders the opportunity to train with Sunday River Resort’s Ski Patrol. Students complete 80+ hours of training in addition to a series of tests, before eventually becoming certified “jacketed” ski patrollers themselves.

Dean of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities

Tara Whiton

Dean of Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities
PhD East Tennessee State University
M.S. Montana State University, Bozeman
B.S. University of Southern Maine
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Certified Sport Nutritionist
Certified Exercise Physiologist


Dr. Tara Whiton holds her PhD in Sport Performance and Physiology from the Center of Excellence for Sports Science and Coach Education at East Tennessee State University where she has done extensive research on the intricacies of athlete development and performance. She has worked with the best track and field, cross country, and Nordic skiing athletes around the country in both the NCAA and NAIA at schools such as King University, Milligan College, Montana State University, and Bowdoin College and has been successful at helping these athletes develop their talent through strength and nutrition training interventions. Tara is a passionate coach—both for athletes and fellow coaches—who loves helping everyone, regardless of talent, reach their full potential. She also holds a Master’s degree in exercise science and nutrition from Montana State University and completed her bachelors at the University of Southern Maine. Tara and her husband Tim Whiton ’05, a Nordic skiing coach, live in Bethel. When she is not in the weight room or roving the mountains of western Maine, Tara enjoys cooking, picking wildflowers, and reading non-fiction.