Veterinary Science Camp

Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science Camp

Week 1: July 5 – 9, 2020 (ages 12-15)

Week 2: July 12 – 16, 2020 (ages 15-17)

Cost: $1,300

(includes lodging, meals, lab materials, and transportation during stay)

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For Veterinary Science Camp, Gould partners with teaching veterinarians to offer a high-energy, challenging, educational experience with a strong focus on hands-on learning.

Gould’s Veterinary Science Camp is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in medicine, science, and animals. Check out the slideshow of one of our Vet Science Immersion Weekends to get a sense of what you’ll do.


During the Summer Veterinary Science Camp students will:

  • safely handle a variety of large and small animals for assessment
  • use laboratory tools unique to practicing medicine
  • administer medications and vaccinations
  • draw and analyze blood
  • perform mock surgery maintaining sterile conditions
  • examine critical organs with the goal of a deeper understanding of the function
  • identify normal and abnormal cells
  • engage in conversations about ethics as it relates to veterinary medicine

Gould’s on-campus farm is home to horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, and rabbits. McLaughlin Science Center provides cutting-edge laboratory classrooms and equipment.

The Bethel Animal Hospital, a modern small animal hospital, is less than two miles from campus.


6:30 am Barn Chores
7:30 am Breakfast
8:00 am – 9:10 am Safely assessing healthy large animals (Gould’s barn)
9:15 am – 10:25 am Introduction to surgical dissection (McLaughlin Science Center)
10:30 am – 11:40 am Farrier Science (Horse shed, Gould’s barn)
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Field Trip: swimming and farm visit (guard dogs, dairy goats, horse breeding, food production)
5:00 pm Barn Chores
5:30 pm Dinner
6:00 pm Bethel Animal Hospital mock surgery and intro to laboratory equipment
9:30 pm In rooms lights out

Camp Facilitator

Tracey Wilkerson

Spanish Teacher
B.A. Middlebury College
Director of Farm and Forest Program
Spring Outing Club


Ms. Wilkerson has taught at Gould since 2002. Prior to Gould, she led wilderness expeditions for adolescents and adults with Outward Bound in Maine, Canada, and Minnesota. She also traveled extensively throughout the Spanish speaking world, teaching Spanish to high school and middle school students. In addition to teaching Spanish at Gould, Ms. Wilkerson can often be found at school barn where she directs Gould’s Farm and Forest Program and directs the school’s Veterinary Science Summer Camp. A lifelong animal lover and a committed equestrian, she has a passion for teaching traditional skills and including the use of draft horses and forestry management. Ms. Wilkerson serves as Gould’s Environmental Sustainability Coordinator and mentors the student club, Gould Goes Green. Ms. Wilkerson and her husband, Mr. Pete Hedden, Dean of Community Life, and their two children live in the home they built just off campus.