Student Advisory Program

Your experience at Gould Academy goes beyond the classroom. So does the role of our faculty.

Our Advisory Program is one of the most important aspects of the Gould experience for both students and their families. For the student, their advisor is a personal guide – someone who often shares similar interests, and is a mentor, someone who helps both with academic decisions and life events.

For family members, their student’s advisor becomes the point person for all information related to their student’s experience at Gould – from academics and athletics to social issues or special interests. Without a doubt, this person becomes your most important connection to your student and the school.

Students spend time with their advisor as part of an advisee group everyday. Sometimes these meetings take place in Bingham Auditorium for morning assembly, while other times it means gathering for special dinners and activities. The advisor/advisee relationship is the cornerstone between a student’s Gould experience and their success.

Advisory Program Director

Patricia Donovan

Associate Head of School
B.S., R.N. – Fitchburg State University


As the Associate Head of School Mrs. Donovan oversees the daily operations and well-being of Gould Academy — a role that comes naturally to her. She first came to the Gould community in 1980 as a nurse and served as the Director of Health Services for 25 years before moving into her current administrative role. A member of the Senior Administrative Team, Mrs. Donovan leads the Deans Council, the Innovative Leadership Team, and the Advising Counseling Team. She also oversees the Advisory Program, teaches psychology, and works closely with students, faculty, and staff. For Mrs. Donovan, Gould’s people, place, and programs come first and foremost.

She and her husband, Neil, live on campus where they raised their four sons, Patrick ’01, Emmett ’02, Finnian ’05, and Marty ’08. When not working (which is rare!) she loves to travel and explore and have fun with her friends and family.