Academic Help Centers

Academic Skills Program + Skills Module
The Academic Skills Program + Skills Module supports students with various learning styles within two distinct programs: The Comprehensive Program + Skills Module and The Intermediate Program. You’ll create your individual Student Learning Plan; develop the new skills you need; and review assignments, pending quizzes, tests, papers, and exams. Your parents receive ongoing reports on your progress.

Writing Center
In the Writing Center, open twice a week during study hall, you’ll explore new paths to approaching an assignment, discuss strategies for organization, get help with grammar, or simply have an objective audience to review your work. Trained student tutors serve as guides in the writing process from brainstorming to revising.

Math Center
At the Math Center, you can seek direction from a peer tutor or use the meeting space in the IDEAS Center to work together with classmates. Open twice a week during evening study hours, the Math Center is also a gathering place for students who really enjoy the challenges of mathematics.

World Language Center
Within the World Language Center, you can utilize trained student linguist tutors to help with assignments, or use the quiet space to work. As your skills improve, you can apply to be a tutor the following year. The World Language Center is open twice a week during evening study hall.

Supervised Dorm Study
Our ninth-grade students are assigned to Supervised Dorm Study at the beginning of the school year, along with other students who demonstrate a need for continued academic guidance or want help with study habits. First-year tenth-grade students also participate in a separate Supervised Dorm Study during their first trimester.