On The Road

Our Admissions Team spends a lot of time on the road in an effort to meet you near or in your hometown or city. Meeting with prospective students and families is one of our favorite things to do! If you are unable to attend one of our Open House events on campus, this is one of the next best ways to learn about Gould. We attend over a dozen fairs across the country and visit a number of lower schools. We love sharing our school with you while on the road at these events.

If you are unable to attend one of the events listed below, we’re happy to meet with you at a local coffee shop, library, or even your home to talk about Gould. If you would like to meet us while we are on the road or have any questions about our travel schedule, please email us at admissions@gouldacademy.org or call 207-824-7777.

Where you can find us in 2019–2020:

Please note that all event dates and times are subject to change.


11/3 | A Better Chance Fair | Pasadena, CA


10/16 | GBS* Fair | Denver, CO


10/3 | Secondary School Fair | The Independent Day School | Middlefield, CT

10/30 | GBS* Fair | Greenwich, CT


12/5-7 | Miami School Connections | Miami, FL


11/17 | A Better Chance Fair | Chicago, IL


10/3 | 20th Secondary School Fair | Bethesda, MD


9/16 | Metro-West Secondary School Fair | Charles River School | Dover, MA

9/23-25 | Boarding Schools & Educational Consultants | Springfield, MA

9/24 | Secondary School Fair | Shore Country Day School | Beverly, MA

9/25 | Annual Secondary School Fair | Pike School | Andover, MA

10/2 | Community Day Charter Public Schools | Lawrence, MA

New Hampshire

9/25 | GBS* Fair | Hanover, NH

New York

9/17 | GBS* Fair | Rippowam Cisqua School | Bedford, NY

10/4 | Forte Prep Academy | East Elmhurst, NY

10/5 | A Better Chance Fair | New York, NY


10/6 | A Better Chance Fair | Philadelphia, PA


10/22 | GBS* Fair | Burlington, VT


10/8 | GBS* Fair | Bermuda


11/6 | GBS* Fair | Montreal, Canada


10/31 – 11/2 | Boarding Schools & International Agents | Berlin, Germany

Saudi Arabia

11/1 – 3 | Boarding School Fair | Saudi Aramco Expatriate Schools | Dharan, Saudi Arabia


10/27-29  | Boarding Schools & International Agents | Moscow, Russia

*Great Boarding Schools (GBS): Gould Academy is part of the Great Boarding School Group. GBS is a collection of like-minded secondary and pre-secondary schools from across New England that travel and host receptions together across the country