Tuition & Financial Aid

At Gould Academy, we value education and know that many families do as well. We want to help bridge the financial gap, to make Gould more accessible. Thanks to the generosity of parents, alumni, and friends of the school, nearly 25 percent of Gould families receive awards that total nearly $3 million.

Financial Aid is awarded on a basis of need, as proven through our partner, School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS). [The Gould Academy code is 3460.]

Additionally, Gould has three Merit awards, given to students who go above and beyond, and who meet certain criteria. Families who qualify for Financial Aid may also be awarded Merit Aid in some circumstances.

2020-2021 Tuition*

  • Boarding Students: $64,200
  • Day Students: $39,600

*Tuition is approved annually by the Gould Academy Board of Trustees; the Board sets tuition for the next academic year in February.

Additional Program Fees

  • International Student Fee: $2,500 per year
  • English Studies Program: $5,500 per year
  • Academic Skills Comprehensive Program: $11,500 per year
  • Gould On-Snow Competition Program: $3,400 per year
  • Prep Ski and Nordic Ski: $250

A full list of fees associated with enrollment can be found by clicking on the following links: International Student Fees or Domestic Student Fees.

Financial Aid Process:

Gould families are asked to complete the Parent Financial Statement through NAIS, with all required documents, prior to the deadline. School and Student Services provides Gould with the Report of Family Income, which is used as a guide in determining the amount of financial assistance. In order to request Financial Aid for the 2020-2021 academic year, please follow the steps on, and note the important dates below.

  • February 1 – New families
    • 1040s and W2s for 2018 due by February 1
    • For family members who own their own business, please submit your Schedule K, E and/or S4s and any other related tax documents
    • May 1 for all 2019 tax documents, W2s, 1040s—sooner if possible
  • January 15 – Returning families
    • 1040s and W2s for 2018 due by January 15
    • For family members who own their own business please submit your Schedule K, E and/or S4s, and any other related tax documents
    • May 1, for all 2019 tax documents, W2s, 1040s—sooner if possible

Important things to know:

  • Gould only accepts electronic copies of the PFS and tax documents through SSS
  • New families have the option of writing a letter of request, which will be used in the initial conversations on Financial Aid.
  • New families receiving awards will be notified with their acceptance packets on March 10. In order to hold their Financial Aid award, families must enroll by April 10.
  • Returning families must complete the PFS every year in order to receive the same award amount (not percent discount) that they received the prior year. If a family has had a change in salary or expenses, the Financial Aid Committee asks that they write a letter explaining their request for a change in their award.
  • Returning family awards will be updated as needed, and the family will be notified of their award with their re-enrollment agreement. In order to hold this amount, families must enroll their student by the set date per their enrollment agreement.
  • Gould’s process allows for a single appeal per year. Families will be asked to write a letter of appeal to the Director of Financial Aid, who will take this to the Financial Aid Committee for discussion.
  • The Financial Aid Committee is made up of the Director of Admissions, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement, Head of School, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Financial Aid

Additional Resources:

For SSS Customer Service, call 800-344-8328 or email

To learn more about requirements, meeting needs, evaluation of needs, the award process, please contact