English Studies Program

The English Studies Program recognizes the differences in educational cultures and learning styles that our international students have experienced before arriving at Gould. Students who speak English as a second (or third or fourth) language can struggle initially as they transition into an immersive English environment with such different academic expectations from their home countries.

Our English Studies Program is specifically designed to help students adapt to this new culture and its academic and social expectations. While we offer a number of ESL classes for students, the focus of our program is on supporting each individual according to their need. To provide support and individualized assistance the ESP Program has English Learner Tutorials, Individualized English Tutoring Sessions, and a regularly available evening study hall specifically for English learners. These assets provide classwork and standardized test preparation.

English Studies Program Classes

English Studies: Academic Reading and Writing 1 & 2

ESP 1 and 2 are classes for our English learners who need extra accommodations and cultural instruction on how to succeed as a student in the United States. Class sizes are small, averaging around 6 students per class. Students in these classes will work with our ESP teachers to develop the academic skills and cultural knowledge to excel at Gould and be prepared for American universities.

Individualized English Tutoring Sessions

Students have the opportunity to take advantage of Individualized English Tutoring Sessions, in which students meet individually with an ESP teacher at least once a week. This one-on-one collaboration between our experienced ESP faculty and our students is supported by close communication with students’ other teachers.

English Learner Tutorial

Students in an English Learner Tutorial benefit from working alongside small groups of their peers with support from an ESP teacher. English Learner Tutorials focus on helping students improve their understanding of homework assignments and class work in all academic subjects. English Learner Tutorials may be directly connected to a specific course so that students enrolled in such a class can come to the English Learner Tutorial with ready-made work and assignments to revise or complete with guidance from their ESP teacher.

TOEFL Preparation

While there is no formal Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) preparation course, students enrolled in the program are continually practicing academic English skills which are applicable to the TOEFL. ESP students are able to practice their skills in the official TOEFL lab located on campus. This is a great advantage to students as they can take this important test in a familiar environment without the worry of traveling to another location. ESP faculty members are available to assist students with specific preparation for the TOEFL, and this can be arranged on an individual or small group basis according to the needs and interest of the students. Preparation is also offered through both English Learner Tutorials and Individualized English Tutoring Sessions.

Summer English Studies Programs

Each summer, Gould Academy offers academic English immersion camps prior to the start of the school year. These camps allow students to fully recover from international travel and be ready for the start of the school year. The Summer English Studies Program combines both academic and co-curricular activities designed to improve English proficiency levels and prepare students new to Gould Academy for the coming school year. It also fosters commitment to using English during the school day, which helps many new international students successfully transition into their new environment. New international students at Gould Academy are strongly encouraged to attend the summer camp directly preceding the start of the school year.

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ESP Study Hall

ESP Study Hall is offered twice a week concurrently with our Language and Writing help centers. Students who attend ESP Study Hall will have the opportunity to work with an ESP teacher as well as peer tutors during Gould’s study hours from 7:30-9:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday

A student’s continued enrollment in ESP is determined at the end of each year based on a combination of factors including: the student’s grades through the first two trimesters, the student’s end-of-year WIDA MODEL Assessment score, and teacher recommendations.

English Studies Program Faculty

Peter “Pete” Moses

Director of the English Studies Program
B.A., Denison University


Mr. Moses joins the Gould faculty and community after spending eight years at Brewster Academy as an English Language Teacher and International Student Coordinator. With a B.A. in English Literature from Denison University, he spent several years teaching English in Japan at Miyazaki Municipal University and Minami Kyushu Junior College. He and his wife, Megumi “Meg”, and their two sons are living in Garden House. Their older son, Tim (16), will continue at Brewster, and younger son, Andy (10), will be a fifth grader at CPS. Their family includes their beloved Beagle dog-daughter, Missy (7). With a passion for improv and theater, Pete will be a welcomed addition to the Performing Arts Co-Curricular program at Gould.

Nancy Barstow

English Studies Teacher
B.A. University of New Hampshire
M.A.T. University of New Hampshire
Girls’ Junior Varsity Soccer Coach
Rugrats/Maine Adaptive Director


A New Hampshire native and Nordic skier, Ms. Barstow previously taught history at Portsmouth High School and was a Special Education teacher in Durham, New Hampshire. She loves reading and spending time with her husband, Chris, a timber framer, their son, Lucas, and their daughter, Rosie. The Barstows live in Bethel, just off-campus.