Maine Adaptive Instruction

The Gould Academy/Maine Adaptive Instructor Development Program (AID) is a partnership between Gould Academy and Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation.

Each winter, Gould students have the opportunity to teach adaptive sports activities to people with physical disabilities ages four and up on the slopes at Sunday River.

Students in the AID Program receive in-depth, hands-on training on all aspects of adaptive teaching so that they can be on the snow four days a week and work with Maine Adaptive participants alongside other Maine Adaptive volunteers. Following Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation’s core values, students participating in the AID Program:

  • are committed to providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to overcome perceived limitations and boundaries
  • believe that participation in outdoor recreation will foster a sense of pride, confidence, and self-esteem that will carry over into AID athletes’ everyday lives
  • support and encourage reasonable risk-taking that will empower athletes to challenge themselves and exceed expectations.

Maine Adaptive Sport and Recreation is the largest year-round adaptive recreation program in the state of Maine for adults and children with disabilities.

Maine Adaptive Director

Kathy Doyon

Administrative Assistant of College Counseling
B.S. University of Maine, Farmington
Field Hockey Coach
Maine Adaptive Instruction Director


Ms. Doyon came to Gould after teaching World History, Psychology and Current Events at Penquis Valley High School in Milo, Maine. A former student-athlete, Ms. Doyon spent her youth skiing at Sugarloaf, and went on to race for her high school and college teams. Still a lover of winter, she has traded her days of setting downhill records for the enjoyment of the uphill climb of backcountry skiing (which is also followed by some downhill bliss). When not teaching in the classroom or on the slopes through Maine Adaptive or on the turf field for field hockey, Ms. Doyon spends Maine’s warmer months cycling, swimming with her two daughters, or baking, fishing, and traveling. Ms. Doyon lives in Bethel with her husband, Joel, their two girls, Gabby and Maggie, and their dog, Baxter.