Ninth Grade Four Point Travel Experience

For years classes have embarked upon experiential learning opportunities that help shape them into well-traveled, responsible citizens. Learning still happens in the classroom, but it also happens through meaningful experiences outside of traditional academic settings.

Ninth graders travel abroad for immersion in another culture. They experience an entire world outside of their comfort zone, giving them a broader view that is an invaluable tool in their journey through Gould Academy and through life. They will see great sights and spend time with locals in their schools, homes and cities.


The trip specific logistics and group travel assignments will be communicated throughout the school year leading up to the trip. The itinerary will be attached as soon as we are through the planning stages, including hotel phone numbers and flight itineraries.


Gould Academy covers the cost of flights, lodging and meals for the trip. Families are responsible for immunization costs, visa fees, and trip evacuation insurance (Medjet Assist). Gould will facilitate the visa application process, travel to a local clinic if students need to get immunizations while school is in session and register each student for the trip insurance. Student accounts will be billed as needed.


  • Hepatitis A (all travelers should get this over the summer before school begins)
  • Typhoid (all travelers should get this over the summer before school begins)
  • Anti-Malaria medication for those traveling to countries where malaria may be present
  • Yellow Fever vaccination for those traveling to countries where Yellow Fever may be present
  • Cipro prescription or other similar medication to use in the event of traveler’s diarrhea


  • Students will need to provide the necessary documents so that Gould can apply for their travel visa such as their passport, birth certificate, and the notarized permission to travel form

Goals for creating this performance experience

  • Build class unity through shared experiences that are larger than any one participant;
  • Provide opportunity for self-insight and growing self-confidence;
  • Foster faculty and student understanding of each other outside of the classroom, dorm, and playing field.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • To cooperate and abide by the instructions of the trip leaders, teachers and host families.
  • To be concerned with their own personal health and to respect the rights of others.
  • To behave in accordance with Gould Academy’s rules and the rules of the host schools.



I the undersigned parent or guardian (“Parent”) of the undersigned student (“Student”) hereby give permission for Student to participate in the Gould Academy 9th Grade Four Point Travel Experience for the 2017-2018 school year, any and all related travel, regional, domestic and international, related to the program (“the Program”), and Student hereby agrees to participate in the Program, subject to the following terms and conditions, to which Parent and Student hereby agree to be legally bound:

Parent and Student understand and agree that Parent is responsible for payment of any immunization costs, visa fees, and trip insurance required by Gould Academy as a condition of participation. Parent and Student further understand and agree that Student is responsible for abiding by the instructions of the trip leaders, teachers and host families, must be concerned with their own personal health and respect the rights of others and must be have in accordance with Gould Academy’s rules and the rules of the host schools.

Parent and Student also recognize that there are certain inherent and unavoidable risks associate with travel, both domestic and international and with residence in a foreign country, including but not limited to accident, delay or expense resulting from the use of any vehicle, steamship, airline, railroad, bus company, taxi service, hotel, or restaurant, or due to strikes, war, acts of terrorism, criminal activity, storms, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters, inclement weather, sickness, communicable or infectious diseases, quarantine, remote access to medical treatment, language barriers and government restrictions or regulations.

Parent and Student understand that it is their responsibility to obtain and review any subsequent travel advisories issued prior to and during the Student’s participation in the Program. Parent and Student understand that they can access information related to travel advisories at various Internet sites, including Travel Alerts and Warnings.

In consideration of Student being permitted to participate in the Program, the undersigned Parent, on behalf of Student, hereby agrees to release Gould Academy and its trustees, directors, officers, agents, employees, students and volunteers (“Releasees”) from liability for any and all claims arising out of or in any way connected with Student’s participation in the Program and any liability, damage, illness, injury or death to any person sustained as a result of participation in the Program, whatever the cause, including, without limit, the fault or alleged negligence of any of the Releasees or others, or any risk of travel, known or unknown, accepting full legal responsibility on behalf of Student for any such loss, damage, illness or death.

I agree on behalf of Student not to sue the Releasees and to hold harmless and to indemnify the Releasees from any damage, award, legal expenses, including attorney’s fees, or settlement arising out of any and all injuries, damages, causes of actions or claims arising from Student’s participation in the Program, including, but not limited to, personal illness, injury, death, or property damage.

I further agree that any claim made by me or Student against the Releasees within the scope of this Agreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the state or federal courts in the State of Maine, shall be governed by Maine law and that, if any part of this agreement is determined to be unenforceable, all other parts shall be given full force and effect to the extent permitted by Maine law.

I am aware of no medical conditions, impairments, restrictions, illnesses or injuries that would prevent Student from participating in all aspects of the Program. Further, any medical conditions that do exist (and may require accommodation or assistance during the trip or that would be important for emergency medical personnel or chaperones to be aware of are disclosed below: (include physical restrictions, allergies, medications currently being taken, etc.)