Land Acknowledgment

Together, we would like to acknowledge that Gould Academy is placed on the land of the Indigenous peoples of both the Abenaki and Wabanaki confederacy. They once lived on the Androscoggin River and traveled up and down it using birch bark canoes that these tribes invented. We would like to acknowledge not only this land, but also the Indigenous peoples who have served and protected this land in both the past and present. They were able to thrive on this land until the 1600s when they were greatly affected by smallpox and measles outbreaks and were soon forced off their own territories because of European settlement. This acknowledgement does not make up for the fact that this land was unrightfully stolen, and by ignoring this oppression, Indigenous groups in Maine are not receiving appropriate recognition that they deserve. It is a step in the right direction to honor the peoples of both the Abenaki and the Wabanaki Confederacy. We as a society have failed to fully acknowledge and appreciate this rich culture and these peoples, and this is why we must do so now. 

This land acknowledgment was drafted by Mrs. Stack’s History of Indigenous Peoples class. October 12, 2020