Tenth Grade Program

tenth grade program

Leading a life of purpose, action, excellence, and compassion is a tall order. By watching our students do it every day, we know it is attainable. Their success begins with the support of and appreciation for community, which is why the “Caring Community” is one of Gould Academy’s core principles, and strongly emphasized in the Tenth Grade Program.

Gould students are fortunate to be at the epicenter of a wonderful community that stretches from within the confines of campus to Sunday River Resort and beyond. The Tenth Grade Program helps students see themselves as integral pieces of this community. It also hones decision-making skills, develops leadership dexterity, and encourages independence.

In addition to community service opportunities with other local organizations and non-profits like Mahoosuc Land Trust, Maine Adaptive, Mt. Abram, New Beginnings, and Maine Veterans’ Home, this program includes regular class meetings to share information and offer students support. Bowling, roller skating, and a two-night trip to Hurricane Island in the spring allow students to challenge themselves and form connections with their classmates in fun, informal settings. Often, friendships forged at Gould last lifetimes.

“Our goal is to support students as they make bigger leaps toward independence, both in the academic setting and as members of the community,” says Program Director, Mrs. Katie Stack.

10th Grade Four Point Program Mission

Gould’s mission to prepare students for leading a life of both purpose and compassion continues through the Tenth Grade Four Point Program, where students work with faculty, staff, alumni, and visiting guests on arts and service projects meant to expand their creativity and sense of civic responsibility. More info.

Tenth Grade Program Director

Katie Stack

English Studies Teacher
B.A. St. Lawrence University
M.S. University of New England
History Department Chair
Fall Equestrian
Ski Patrol Program
Spring Outing Club
Tenth Grade Program


Mrs. Stack teaches ninth grade Human Geography and tenth grade West and the World. She also manages the Tenth Grade Program, which focuses on supporting students as they transition into young adults, using service learning as the vehicle to encourage their understanding of the bigger world and their place in the Gould community. In all of Mrs. Stack’s classes and programs, her goal is to seamlessly incorporate technology, differentiation, the writing process, and focused discussion methods as part of the core curriculum. In addition to teaching, she is an advisor and helps with the Equestrian Team. Mrs. Stack lives off campus with her husband, Brian, their daughter, Gwen, and son, Preston. In her free time she enjoys being outside and playing with her children in the sandbox.