Community Guide

A Commitment to Community

We are excited to welcome you to campus this fall, but clearly there will be changes to daily life at Gould. The health and safety of everyone in the community is our first priority. We have done our best to revise this Community Guide to describe how systems and protocols will work, but this is a fluid and evolving situation that will require us to adapt constantly, to find better ways, more effective solutions. Facing this pandemic will require diligence, creativity, and patience.

Gould Community Guide 21-22

Gould Code of Conduct 21-22

Agreement Form to sign and return

Last updated 17 August 2021.

Dean of Students

Denise Manning

Dean of Students
B.A. Simmons University


Mrs. Manning attended Simmons, where she earned a B.A. in English and education. She worked briefly in public schools before embracing the boarding school life. She has taught ninth, tenth, and twelfth graders, headed Davidson Hall, coached girls’ soccer, and led the RugRats Program. She enthusiastically supports Gould’s Four Point Program and the Advising Program, and serves as an advisor with her husband, history teacher Rob Manning. Sometimes, when she isn’t working with students, she has time to read and cook! They live on campus in the Hutchinson House with their dogs, Mookie and Marshall. Mookie is a certified therapy dog, and Marshall is working toward that goal.