Clubs and Leadership

In addition to athletic and co-curricular activity opportunities, Gould Academy boasts a number of clubs available to students interested in meeting new friends, helping out the school and greater community, developing their leadership potential, and having fun while learning something new.

We recognize that leadership comes in many forms. Beyond the leadership positions outlined above, there are many other opportunities for students to be leaders in our community: team captains, help center tutors, tour guides, new student mentors, and many more.

Blue Key
Gould’s Blue Key members are students who volunteer to give tours during their free time to prospective students and their families. Any student can be a tour guide and there are three levels of leadership opportunities available. Students interested in helping or learning more can contact the Admissions Office.

Campus Activity Board
Membership on the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is open to all students. They help plan major school events (Spring Fling, Winter Carnival, etc.), work with clubs to bring opportunities to campus, create opportunities for community service, help with weekend planning, and plan Residential Rumbles. CAB has two staggered terms—one that is the length of the school year and one from January through December.

Civil Rights Team
The Civil Rights Team’s mission is to foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive community at Gould Academy for all individuals regardless of age, race, class, gender, sexuality, physical disability, intellectual disability, or mental illness. We aim to promote positive conversations in support of social justice that will lead to purposeful action on our campus. Through critical reflection of school programs and policies, our members are activists who work to ensure that Gould Academy is a place that embraces diverse people and perspectives. Faculty contacts: Mr. Cho.

English Studies Program Tutor
Peer tutors assist second language learners with reading and writing assignments. As well, student tutors are invited to participate in various events that take place in the English Studies Program. Tutors are nominated by faculty and may interview with Mr. Moses, director of the English Studies Program.

French Club
The French Club strives to expand the personal experience with French/Francophone culture. Additionally, student club members will develop dynamic relationships with both the Franco American community in our area, as well as with a school located in Montreal. Core activities include cultural, educational, social and travel opportunities. Interested students should speak with World Languages Chair, Mr. Leff.

Global Student Organization
The goal of the Global Student Organization (GSO) is not only to bring awareness and acceptance of cultural differences, but also to celebrate them. One of its roles is to familiarize the entire Gould community with international cultures. The Global Student Organization (GSO) is a place where all students – especially international students – have voices. Contact Mr. Moses for more information or to join.

Gold Key
Students interested in networking with alumni and parents are invited to assist the Advancement Office in duties that include office help, or pitching in during the school’s annual Alumni Weekend. Students interested in becoming a Gold Key member are invited to contact the Director of Advancement, Ms. Connell.

Gould Goes Green
This student-led group tackles the important task of making Gould a more environmentally sustainable community. Activities range from campus-wide recycling initiatives to student and faculty awareness campaigns regarding energy use. This group also helps to plan Gould’s annual Earth Day celebration. Students interested in participating can contact Director of the Farm and Forest Program and Gould Academy Spanish Teacher, Ms. Wilkerson.

Judiciary Committee
Judiciary Committee is open to seniors only. They partner with the Dean of Students and work together to ensure students meet community expectations. They work on education around the Community Guide, with particular focus on The Code of Conduct, and serve on Judiciary Committee meetings.

Language Center Tutor
The Language Center is staffed by peer tutors in grades 10-12.  Each tutor is recommended by faculty or can interview with Mr. Moses and Mr. Leff for a position. Tutors work with second language learners in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English.

Leadership Committee
This committee is comprised of representatives from each of the leadership groups: two Head Prefects, the Judiciary Committee Chair, Campus Activities Board Chair, and faculty who oversee the student leadership program. Additionally, two students from outside of the leadership structure are included. This group will continue to examine and, as needed, make recommendations to improve the leadership structure.

Math Center Tutor
The Math Center is staffed by peer tutors in grades 10-12. Each tutor is recommended by faculty or can interview with the director of the Math Center, Mr. Blauss, for a position. Tutors are assigned to work one shift per week and must believe that “math is fun.”

Model UN

Polar Bear Club
Polar Bears begins each spring once the ice goes out on nearby Songo Pond. The club meets twice a week for a quick and chilly swim before breakfast. The opportunity to be a member is open to the entire Gould community. The only rules that apply are that you must dip all the way in, and if you miss one event, you are out of the club for the remainder of the spring. The fun and the challenge is making it through the entire season. Contact Mr. Siekman.

The position of Prefect is open to juniors and seniors. They are leaders that represent the residents of the dormitories or the day students. The focus of a Prefect is to help build community within their constituencies. Additionally, it is an expectation that they will set up and follow a duty rotation to help with evening responsibilities associated with study hall and cleanliness of common spaces. Dorm Prefects will also assist with maintaining room cleanliness and supervising in-dorms and lights out.  Prefects should also plan and execute a variety of regular and special events throughout the school year with their constituency.

A community service club at Gould, Reachout has regular meetings and events that support local and global communities. Students involved in Reachout work together to identify causes and design fundraisers. Faculty contact:  Mr. Hayward.

The REMUS 100 (or Remote Environmental Monitoring UnitS) is an automated ex-Navy submersible that travels underwater without requiring input from an operator. The club has made trips to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and launched the AUV in nearby Songo Pond to test water temperatures. Contact Mr. Murphy for more information.

SA-KRED cafe
Students work the counter in the IDEAS center, hustling coveted “Brew Pub” donuts, making coffee, and generally controlling the crowd. They also manage the cafe’s budget, products, schedule, employees, and working hours. Importantly, 100 percent of SA-KRED’s profits support a student at Tumaini Senior Secondary School in Tanzania.

Writing Center Tutor
The Writing Center is staffed by peer tutors in grades 10-12. Each tutor is recommended by faculty or may interview with the director of the Writing Center, Ms. Cook, for a position. Tutors are assigned to work one shift per week.