Zip Ties + Wheels + Shower Board = Culture Shift

December 3, 2014

Board work during a class significantly shifts how students participate in the learning: whether it is a chalk talk,  problem solving, declining verbs, or sketching a design when students are up and at a board they are more engaged and activated in learning.  And with adults it is not different.

Integrating design thinking into the culture at Gould has demanded a shift in our meeting culture.  We anchored the Hanscom renovation process in design thinking, and we are now more use to  the process of a deep dive of research yielding insights to a focus–and all because we stand around a $26 shower board on wheels.

With more regularity, we transport a portable white board to meetings and presto! the meeting becomes more interactive, more engaging, and more participatory.  Whether it is a sticky note session through a design thinking stage  or drawing an idea to make a point, the portable white board has started to shift meeting culture at Gould.

And here is the good news: these are easy and affordable to make.  Get your librarian to order a copy of  MAKE SPACE: how to set the stage for creative collaboration  and follow these easy steps.


z-rack directions


I need to give a big shout out to the Nueva School,  Kim Saxe and the at Stanford for ALL the design thinking inspiration.  Here is the image I snapped at a workshop at Nueva, which kicked off my rolling white board visions for design thinking at Gould.


Nueva School

Nueva School

Do you have an idea or an image of something that you keep returning to because you think it will create a positive shift in your work or family? If so, tweet it my way @SaraShfrn #cultureshift



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