Zion National Park

March 24, 2013

What a day we had yesterday.  After dinner we were all too tired to write anything.

We started the day by being visited by 8 mule deer.  They were walking around, munching on some breakfast right outside our window.  It is fun to see wild animals up so close.

After we had our breakfast we headed for our big hike of the day.  We were set to conquer Angel’s Landing!  It started with about a 1.5 mile walk up an easy dirt path, then proceeded to a series of more challenging steep switch backs.  Here is a picture of Theresa, Vivian, Anqihui climbing the path.  That is them at the corner.  

The path then went through a slot canyon where we found a cave to climb into.  

Then around the corner, and we encountered the famous Walters Wiggles, a series of 21 tight switchbacks.  Here are the boys from top to bottom Robert, Jim, Mark, and Bill.  (I think, the silhouettes are hard to discern.)

Then came the final push.  A few decided that it was a bit too much, but a few of us made it to the end of Angels Landing.  The pictures do not do it justice.


After this strenuous hike, most of us took a break.  A few of us set out to explore some of the hundreds of unmarked washes, and slot canyons.  We hiked through some fine sand, and found ourselves in a narrow (10 feet or less) canyon that had to have been a few hundred feet tall.  Quite spectacular.

Then dinner and bed.  Today we are heading off to Moab.  We have a great drive planned that will take all day.  We will go through Bryce Canyon National Park, Capital Reef National Monument, and see some amazing sights.  We hope that the Hell’s Back Road is open.  Cross your fingers for us that it is!  We are all excited about what lies ahead of us!!


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