Yunnan Nationalities Village

March 22, 2014

Today, the students and their host students visited the Yunnan Nationalities Village.  The students were able to explore and check out highlights of the 26 different minority groups of the Yunnan province both by looking at important pieces of their cultures and experiencing some performances of traditions within the villages.

Schuyler and Chris sharing the journaling experience with their hosts

Sharing the journaling experience

 Walking into the Yunnan Nationalities Village

Walking into the Yunnan Nationalities Village

Mr. Penley giving an assignment to the students before letting them explore.

Mr. Penley giving an assignment

 Chris exploring with new friends.

Chris making friends

 Showing off their elephant pictures.

showing off their elephant pictures

 The preferred method of transportation around the villages.

transportation around the Yunnan Nationalities Village

  A frenzy of smashing bottles…apparently gives you a safe life.

A frenzy of breaking bottles

And also releases anger…but mostly was fun!

Smashing pots

A quick rain shower at the end of our visit!

A quick rainshower

John introducing his host to the group at the end of the day  (Mr. Penley’s assignment)

John's introduction

Chris introducing his host.

Chris's introduction

They all did a great job with their assignment…finding out three interesting things about their host.  Tomorrow is a day spent with their host families so we won’t post tomorrow unless Mr. Penley has some more to add from today.

Hope all is well with you all back home!


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