Yo-yos and Primary School

February 23, 2012

Quote of the day: “Are there any students who haven’t seen us yet?” ~ one of the students after a large group asking for hugs and hellos had just gone back to class.

Sorry about not getting a post up last night; the internet decided not to work last night. Thank you Martha for posting a status update.

Yesterday was another busy day spent at various activities around school. We started the day visiting some 11th grade classes and had an opportunity to talk to the students in those classes. They were very interested in American culture and particularly how American schools function. After  40 minutes of class, it was time for morning exercise, so we all headed out to the field for a short morning jog.






As you can see there were many more students out for a run together than we have at Gould. The scale of this school is still hard for me to comprehend.

After our run we headed to the primary school to spend time with two of the grade 6 classes. The students were very excited to have the opportunity to meet some American students and our students enjoyed the opportunity to get to know some younger students.

These are a few of Miranda’s new friends. Rachel was also very popular and was given many gifts of origami and artwork from the students. One boy even gave her his box of milk from his snack!

The students treated us like rock stars and asked for all of our signatures on all sorts of slips of paper and in the front of the their textbooks. Aiden has been very popular and many of the students wanted his autograph.

As we left we took a photo with all of our new friends!

After lunch at 12:05,  the students at Tangwai have some free time until class begins again at 2:30. So it was out to the basketball courts for play and for the group to have more time hanging out with students from Tangwai. Our kids are very popular and many of the primary school students want hugs from our kids.

When the students headed back to class we headed to a class of our own: Chinese Yo-yo. We had two gentlemen come to give us a lesson on some of the basics of a favorite childhood toy.

Towards the end, a little kids gym class came to watch us and were amazed by some of the skills. Lexi performed a move called “Looking at the Moon” for them. I think she may have found a calling in yo-yo performance.

A number of the students bought yo-yos after class so they could keep honing their skills when they return to America. After yo-yo it was time for the much anticipated basketball game. Tangwai has a pretty good team out on the court.  Our students played hard and the game ended up with a score of fun to fun.

We had a group cheer at the beginning…

…Hunter won the tip off…

… Lexi drained a couple of fade away jumpers…

… and Jameson drove for the hoop…

In the end everyone got some time on the court and a good time was had by all. After the basketball game, we had a few minutes before heading out to host families for the night. Some students took this as an opportunity to play with their new acquired yo-yos. Bo saw the opportunity to yo-yo atop the Tangwai stadium and took it.

Now I have to run and eat some breakfast before we head off to the Leshan Buddha for a day of climbing and history. Hopefully my internet will still be working tonight so I can get a post up quickly for all of our loyal fans back in America.



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  1. Avatar Monique says:

    Loyal Fan, I am!!! Once again, love the pics. Awesome photojournalism. Next best thing to being there. Thanks for sharing.

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