Your Own Virtual Gould

April 19, 2012

Ever wanted to re-visit Gould, but haven’t had the chance to get back in 10 plus years..?

Ever wonder what the new skatepark, science center or tennis courts really look like…?

Are there parts of Gould that you’ve never been to, but wondered what they look like..?

Well this roving Glogger is here to help you out. You tell me where you want me to go, and I will produce a virtual 360 picture of it.

Check out some examples of  this below. If this all goes according to plan, you should be able to click on the word below the pic and be taken to a virtual picture that you can scroll around, and pretend your there.


New Entrance way to Library in Hanscom

Campus shot from outside Gehring

So have a think and send me where you please, inside or out.

Chris D


2 Responses

  1. Avatar slkdjflksdjf says:

    Wow that looks very different. I’m curious about what they did with the plaques listing each year’s valedictorian that used to hang in the hallway leading to the library? I’ve never been back to confirm if I made the list or not.

  2. Avatar Chris&Helen says:

    I’m not sure who this is, or what year you graduated, but I did go and look for the plaques, they have been modernized and now show 30 yrs worth of Valedictorian, and they have been moved into the magazine/reading room.
    Click here for the virtual picture of the new plaques.
    Chris D

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