“You Can’t Really Teach Skateboarding, But Skateboarding Can Teach You.” –John Dalhquist

October 15, 2012

Malmo, Sweden

John Dalhquist, from BRYGGERIETS GYMNASIUM, a Malmo, Sweden school, has the right idea.  The Berrics features a two part video story about this school which started as a skatepark and then became a legitimate high school for skateboarders, dancers, designers, and filmers.

What these teachers say about the learning experience at Bryggeriets Gymnasium is pretty amazing.  It is a totally different situation than our skateboard program, but some aspects are totally similar.

The main thing is Dalhquist and the other adults at this Swedish school have a wonderful sense of what it means to be a young adult, how young adults learn, and how they make sense of their world.  It is great to find folks in Europe doing something similar to what we’ve been doing with the Gould Academy Skateboard Program.

The video tells a beautiful story.  Thanks to the Berrics for posting it.


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