You Can’t Put a Cast on Your Head

December 1, 2010

OVERHEARD AT THE SUNDAY RIVER PASS OFFICE: Hey, where it says “Name” here on this form- what do I write there?

I hope everyone had a terrific vacation week, and that we’re all ready go go back to work.  For me, that means one thing:

Trying to hack into Annie’s blog.

Wait, no, I mean it’s time to get back into classes and winter sports.  You can tell that winter is here because instead of all of the typical backpacks in front of Bingham,  this morning I tripped over 6 pairs of skis on my way into assembly.

Sorry about the scratches on your skis, folks.  You should be warned:  Until my morning coffee kicks in I can’t see obstacles in front of me, like backpacks, skis, and school buses.  Accidents happen, right?  And this brings me to the major point of this week’s blog: On-mountain safety.  As a ski patroller and teacher I find myself constantly focused on the safety of Gould students as they hit the parks, zoom on the groom, and watch movies in the lodge.

NO, I didn’t mean the part about the movies, that would be wrong.  I meant riding the lifts, or something productive.  Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that as you (we) move about the mountain, it’s really important that you (we) are protected by a well maintained, properly fitted helmet.  I have seen lots of injuries in my years of patrol, some minor and some serious, but the thing to remember is that you can put a cast on your arm, you can put a cast on your leg, and you can stitch up cuts, but it’s really hard to put a band aid or a sling on your brain.  Not that a helmet can always prevent serious head injuries; often the best it can do is to minimize or reduce the effects.  You have to be careful too.

Bottom line: Protect your head, ski and ride smart, and stay out of the lodge when you’re supposed to be skiing.

Oh, and Annie, where’s your blog from yesterday?  Maybe I should be the Monday glogger…..  hmm…….

Alec M, back when he wanted to be a patroller.


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