You Call it Soccer…!

October 26, 2011

So one of my roles at Gould Academy is to coach JVB soccer*

Now you may be wondering why I put a * next to the word soccer. Well as a purist of the game, and the British language, I prefer the word Football. The word soccer is so American, and just a cop out, because there is American Football, and there would be confusion if you had two sports called football…


After a little research (Wikipedia and  The word “soccer” is actually the original word for the sport. An upper class abbreviation of Association Football, just as Rugby Football was shortened to Rugger. 20 years later the British middle class started playing and used the word Football, and the word stuck. America and Canada, are the only Associations to call it soccer.

Anyway, I coach football at Gould Academy, JVB. With Miss Oliver. We have a team of 16 players, some of whom have played before, but most who have not. Our practices consist of, simple skills, fitness, developing a love for the game and FUN.

Warm up before the game

Today was our last match, our 3rd against Hebron. We lost 6-2, but

End of game handshake

the boys played their hearts out,

and we couldn’t have asked for anymore. Coach Ollie and myself were pretty proud coaches, seeing how far our boys had come from day 1 of practice. Sure there were a lot of times when we were frustrated with them, and the ball didn’t go in the net when it should of done. But they, and we were having fun.

By the way, our record was 3/3.

So thanks guys for a great season, and thanks Ollie for the laughs. Lets do it all again next year.

Nice glasses...!

I do know Mr McKnight was taking pictures, so I’ll post the Flicker link when there up. These are just some I took today at the match.

And by the way, I’m going to keep calling it Football, it just seems right….!

All the Best

Chris D


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