Xiaolu, the super genius, celebrates stupidity + opens the IDEAS Center

February 1, 2015

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On Saturday, Gould Academy formally opened and dedicated the IDEAS Center. The ribbon cutting fanfare was thoughtfully choreographed with Trustee meetings and visits by Head of School emeriti Bill Clough and Dan Kunkle.

The Cloughs

The Cloughs

The Kunkles celebrating "Cafe de Kunkle"

The Kunkles celebrating “Cafe de Kunkle”

As an alumna of Gould, these types of events are all warm and fuzzy times: I get to pay homage to my mentors. In turn, I hope that they see their hard work has paid off not only in my commitment to Gould, but also in my charge forward to bring a new program –based on creativity, ingenuity, collaboration, scholarship,and empathy–to Gould.  Again, lots of warm fuzzies.

But, the entire event was upstaged by senior Xiaolu Qian at assembly on Saturday morning.  Her morning moment captured what I hope the IDEAS Center will become–a place of vibrant failures which lead to unexpected opportunities.

I asked her to record her moment to share with you. It’s a quick 3 minutes, and I promise you will have a better day for it.

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