Xi’an (the best group evah) has arrived!

March 25, 2013

“This is a great group, we all get along with each other really well…” -Overheard at the airport

After an early start and the smoothest departure from the hostel ever, we headed back to Beijing Capital Airport for our flight to Xi’an. We said good bye to the Chengdu group at terminal 3 and rode the bus over to terminal 2. After checking in we got to spend a while hanging out and waiting to board. After all the busy Beijing days, a little down time was nice.

We had a super quick flight. Two hours seems like nothing after 14.

We were warmly greeted by Emma, a teacher from XFLS (Xi’an Foreign Languages School) who visited Gould last fall. It was great to see a familiar face half way around the world. It was about a 45 minute bus ride to campus and then a few minutes to rest. We went out to burn a little energy on the basketball courts before meeting our hosts. We did some warm up for our basketball game on Wednesday… it could be an “interesting” match. We may have a ringer outside the arc with Roger and I think Brooke will be starting at point guard as our most experienced basketball player… Many pictures to follow.

We then connected with our host families and everyone went to head home for dinner. Unfortunately, they all got away so quickly, I  wasn’t able to take any pictures. But we’ll get some shots of them with their host brothers and sisters tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will get to experience the day at XFLS and see a number of different parts of what happens here, from and all school assembly to classes in both the high school and the primary school. Should be a fun day!



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    Happy Birthday to Dattar (March 25)!

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