Xi’an…Everybody’s workin’ for the Weekend!

February 26, 2012

We last saw our students on Friday afternoon, headed back to the school to meet their hosts for a weekend free from school and classes.  And since our only contact with them has been a phone call from one girl to get another girl’s phone number (everyone was going skating together with their hosts and they needed to contact her about it), I thought that I would satiate your need for contact with some random photos taken over the past few days.  Tomorrow we go to Huxian village, famous for it’s peasant paintings, and then to a calligraphy class.  The week is racing by!

Kyler, the Rock Star, says "Nihao" to his new school.

Kasmira, slowly expanding her comfort zone.

Will working hard on his journal during a rare quiet moment.

HOW many people were on that motorcycle?

Hop on the bus, Gus.

Paige, WHY is Jack in so many of my pictures?


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