Xi’an…and we think the middle ages are old history….

February 24, 2012

At the Shaanxi History museum

This was a very full day for Team Xi’an (I tried to call them “Team Monkey Scissors”, but it never caught on for some reason).  We started the day as usual, with a couple of classes, and then departed for our excursion into the heart of Xi’an.  Our first stop was the Shaanxi History Museum, where we got an up-close-and-personal look at local and national history (and I don’t just mean history, I mean reallyreallyreally old Chinese history).  The students were pretty tired after our visit, so we figured they really needed a walk in the Muslim quarter of the old city center to rejuvenate them.

Riley, rejuvenating himself on some street food in the Muslim quarter.

And everywhere, people were there with their cameras to record our every move.  One guy even followed us through a subway station with his video camera.

The Chinese paparazzi at work.

So we ate, we talked, we walked, and we shopped.  Kids ate the many snacks packed for them by their host families, and we talked about the previous day’s activities (some of us were served hot Coca-Cola with ginger to keep us warm, some of us learned to make dumplings with our families, one student even went to see “Happy Feet 2” with Chinese subtitles).  We also bargained for gifts for friends and family in the narrow streets of the Muslim quarter.

Lookin' for lunch in all the right places.

Boyz in the old-school 'hood.

After our visit to old Xi’an, students departed for a weekend with their host families.  The Alfords, along with their new friends Ivy and Helen, spent another 5 hours in the city center.  We are now officially shopped-out!

Extreme shoppers, with translators-guides-friends.

Old meets new in the Xi'an city center.


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  1. Avatar Mama says:

    Great to see everyone smiling:) Looks like a good time.
    Can’t wait to hear how the weekend went!

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