Wuhou, Chengdu!

March 21, 2016

(Written by Ms. Sessions)

Chengdu China 2016

Chengdu China 2016

Really today was
Interesting day
No rain could slow us down
You know the saying: Carpe
And that we made sure to do

So there was a little rain this morning in Chengdu, but it was great nonetheless.

Our students seemed to have had a great weekends with their hosts. I heard a lot of “more food than I could eat” and “slept well” and various funny stories.

After our reunion, we started our day by attending classes. Mrs. Barstow and I had the chance to guest teach one class each. The students in the class were very excited to learn about Gould, Maine and what our classrooms are like. They also wanted to know about celebrities, music, sports and if I was on Instagram.

After class, it was time for some Tai Chi, or shadowboxing. After a brief warm-up and lesson:

Warming up

They were basically pros:


All that exercise made us hungry, so we headed to the canteen for a tasty lunch.



Anytime we travel together, it is usually in a bus affectionately known as a Bread Loaf bus, China’s version of the marshmallow van.

Outside:Chengdu China 2016 Bus

And inside: Chengdu China 2016 Inside Bus

After a short bus ride, it was time to explore the Wuhou Temple (for some history) and Jinli Street (for some shopping). (Open photo to scroll through more pictures.)

It was really lovely to see so much green in the city!

When we got back to school, it was time for exercise. The Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School students are super coordinated and in sync when it comes to this part of the day. Our students? Well, we’re still figuring it out.

Many laughs were had by all.

We then had a few minutes to rest and catch up on journaling before heading home for dinner with our wonderful hosts.

Chengdu China 2016

Good night from Chengdu!


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