Workshops, Day 1

March 5, 2015

One of the best things about Sophomore Point is the variety of activities. It’s hard to imagine that the eight fabulous artists and craftspeople leading incredible workshops is only a part of the day!

In addition to all the fun, students take charge of many of the necessary daily tasks. Students do dishes (something we are all familiar with) AND get to experience life at the Gould barn. Fun fact: I used to be a farmer so it should come as no surprise that I love spending time at the farm. Here at Gould, we have a horse, a pony, bunnies, chickens, sheep, a cat, and pigs. You will also see the occasional giant black farm dog (a Boda or a Loki). But the best part of barn chores, for me, is watching students experience something for the first time. Scratching a pig on the back, and realizing she REALLY likes it. Lifting up a chicken to collect an egg. Feeling the soft down of a bunny. All of farming is not so glamorous, as you probably know, though. So it was a little surprising to hear Cath C. exclaim, “I love shoveling poop!” while she was diligently cleaning out Dinah’s stall.


Here’s Cath, happily at work.

After a brief morning meeting, we got right into the workshops. As I mentioned before, we have eight workshops this year: Cooking, Acting, Metalsmithing, Letter Press, Circus Arts, Rework Shop, Drawing and painting, Wood. Those titles just barely begin to describe the scope of activities kids are working on. I’ll inundate you with photos in a moment, but first I want to encourage you to check out my newly created Sophomore Four Point playlist on Youtube. I’ll be posting videos of the activities, and I have a few up already.

Cooking with Dustin Holzweiss ’02:

IMG_4220.JPG IMG_3486 IMG_3491 IMG_3492

Acting with Robin Fowler:

IMG_3496 IMG_3494 IMG_3493IMG_3495

Metalsmithing with Eric Ziner:

IMG_3523 IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3521

Letter Press with David Wolfe

IMG_3527 IMG_3524 IMG_3525 IMG_3526 IMG_3528

Circus Art with Erin Lovett Sherman

IMG_3502 IMG_3501 IMG_3500 IMG_3499 IMG_3497

Rework Shop with Alexa Stark ’07:

IMG_3316.JPG IMG_3321.JPG IMG_3320.JPG IMG_3317.JPG IMG_3319.JPG

Drawing and Painting with Susan Webster:

IMG_3513 IMG_3510 IMG_3517 IMG_3511




Wood with Bruce Bulger:

IMG_3503 IMG_3507

It was a great first day of workshops. See you tomorrow!


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