Working hard or hardly working?

October 21, 2011

Hey everybody,

I struggled all day today to come up with something to glog about. Most of what I think about and do every day involves homework and college app work (I know, exciting life), both of which I’ve already complained about enough for the time being, I think.

Instead, I think I’ll talk a little bit about the ups and downs (this could be taken very literally, but no pun intended) of Mountain biking, my fall sport.

This year there are about 20 regular riders on the team. We’re headed by our captain George Merrill (see video below. he can bike as well as jumprope). We’re also joined every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday by the physical conditioning boys, a few of whom have mountain biked in the past and chose to do physical conditioning instead so they didn’t have to bike anymore. That worked out well for them.

The sport is really fun and rewarding, but definitely not for the faint of heart. We get covered in mud and sometimes blood every single day while riding hard for long distances, and even when you feel like you’re pedaling through a monsoon it’s raining so hard, or you’re covered head-to-toe in disgusting, dripping, wet dirt, you have persevere and keep going.

Mountain biking is hard. If you try your hardest at it, your legs hurt, your butt hurts, and you will have your fair share of falls, which make everywhere else on your body hurt, too. But hard work is a common theme among the other sports at Gould, too; the coaches here push every member of every team to do their best, and pretty much everyone on a team has to experience the soreness, tiredness, and physical pain of hard work at some point, but also reap its benefits. Mountain biking is no different in that regard. What’s different about mountain biking is that it’s extremely expensive, and also very dirty– the spray-yourself-off-with-a-hose-and-still-have-to-shower-twice kind of dirty. But the fatigued leg muscles, scratches, bruises, scars, caked-on mud, and bike grease stains are completely worth it. It’s hard to describe, so I’ll end this post with a couple of pictures and a video, and leave it up to you to decide how strange the team is.

Disclaimer: Mr. Southam and Coach Flynn are not to blame for any of the off-task, counterproductive, possibly dangerous things seen below.

Will somehow managed to get his bike stuck in a tree

Hailey and Nick get covered in mud. Failed coursework at its finest

Have a great friday!



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