Word of the Month: International

April 10, 2016

It has been a while since I last posted. For me, the word of the last month and a half was “international.”

I spent the month of March traveling in China, most of the time with the ninth graders. Two quick “international” moments I had in Asia this trip:

Great Wall Snacks
Some special snacks for our Great Wall hike. A large variety of Chinese (and other countries) snacks.

Mr Wai Square 

My Starbucks cup, Mr. 外, Mr. Foreign. I guess it is descriptive.

Gould is also an international community, and that has manifested itself in multiple interesting ways for me in the past two weeks. 

  1. The big game craze currently sweeping Holden Hall: xiangqi, Chinese Chess. Played a bit like the chess we commonly see in the US, it now is a fairly common sight to see boys sitting around playing xiangqi in Holden. 

Victor and Chris Square

Victor, from The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Chris, from the United States of America, playing a quick round of xiangqi on the duty desk.

  1. On weekend duty this weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to travel internationally again! I went to L/A (Lewiston/Auburn of you non-Mainers out there) to go to the International House of Pancakes. Coach Rockwell and I rolled out in two marshmallows with 26 fine young Gouldies late last night. We pulled into IHOP at 11 and ate WAY too many calories. 

My Table Squareish5 guys Square

We had students from 8 countries … so it was quite the International IHOP last night. 

A bit of a short Glog this week. I’ll aim for more next week. 



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