Woodward West

July 22, 2012

I went to Woodward West for the first time on the last day of this summer’s So. Cal. Skate Trip.  Woodard West It was the absolute coolest place to finish this week-long skate trip through Southern California.

To get to Tehachapi you drive up into the Mohave Desert.  The air clears.  The landscape dries out.  Sage comes to your senses in a way the focuses you.

The place itself is a ways outside of the town.  It is set up to look like a wild west frontier town.  Because there are a little better than three hundred campers any given week, the place has the feel of a small town.  It is welcoming and energetic without being a mob scene.

The day we were there was pretty hot, but that didn’t slow anyone down.  I’m sure that my experience was colored by the fact that I ran into old friends, Katie Bruce and Nora Vasconcellos.

The fact that Woodward West has a Mega Ramp and is the home of Woodward U. make it that much better.  Thanks to Neal Hendrix for helping us to a day of great fun.



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