Winter Wonderland

December 5, 2007

Here we are, another Wednesday and another round of Wednesday Whims. Winter schedule is in full force, and we finally got the first big storm of the season!! YAY!! The past two days, the snow has been coming down heavily, and just barely stopped a little while ago. Overall, I think we got about a foot, possibly a little more! Let’s pray the snow keeps coming! One downside to this whole cold thing is what it did to our town water pipes! The main pipe that supplies us with our water froze and burst yesterday! The town then issued the “Boil Water Order”. We can’t use the tap water, not even for teeth brushing, without boiling it first! It makes the bathroom scene a little stressful in the morning, with the girls all using a pitcher of bottled water to brush their teeth! Hopefully it will all be sorted out soon…theres only so much bottled water!

Along with the snow came my Christmas and holiday spirit! The holidays are my favorite time of the year, and my roomate Alli and I let everyone know how much we love it! Our room is completely decked out in holiday spirit…snowflakes from the ceiling, red and green holiday cutouts, and even a mini Christmas tree. The highlight of our days is that moment when we wake up, and run to our advent calendars, search for today’s door, and see what treat awaits us on the inside!

Now that a new trimester has begun, so has a new sports season. This year will be the first year (that I can remember of course) that I haven’t skied for the winter season! But, I’m not too torn up about it because I get to do another sport that I love even more…tennis! I am doing an independent athletic program where I travel to Bates College twice a week and play with the women’s assistant coach. On the off days, I do a workout with the athletic trainer, Mr. Allison. I am so excited to have this opportunity to really expand on my abilities, and be all ready for the season when springtime rolls around.

Until next Wednesday, lets hope the snow keeps falling!
-Kiley H.


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