Winter Term!

December 6, 2012

Hello, everyone.


I’m sorry for the late upload. For the last few days, I had not yet recovered from the jet lag and shifted back into the time zone – I’ve been groggy during the day, sleeping during the afternoon and having trouble sleeping at night. I think I nearly pulled through by now (hopefully), but I must say that traveling from Korea to Bethel is a tough business.


There are few things I want to go over; the first one is winter term. As many you know, winter terms has commenced after Thanksgiving break. To the prospective students and parents reading the Glog, I want to explain what the winter term is like. Everyday, we appropriate only half of the school day to classes (much smaller portion than fall/spring term) and the other half to sports. Time per class is shorter and whether we have sports in the morning or in the afternoon changes day by day. Put like that, it sounds quite hectic, and it is to some point, but one gets quickly used to it. For me, I like the winter term because I get to play my favorite sport basketball and, to be honest, I like shorter classes. Winter term is surely a fun term highlighted by the snowball coming up soon. I will discuss that in Glog later as well.

Go Gould Basketball!

The second thing I want to go over is college. I haven’t written about it in Glog and I tried not to think about it too much and stress over it, but the time has finally come! The early application results are right around the corner (I have one this afternoon – very nervous) and it is time that we seniors finish the regular application as well. What can I say? It is indeed a nerve-wrecking and exciting experience that makes the winter term even more hectic (in a good way). I wish the best of luck to fellow seniors and everyone, please wish me luck as well – fingers crossed!


See you next week,


Min Jae


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  1. Avatar dollie jones says:

    Me too..I want to go back in college and meet handsome guys especially athletes…

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