Winter is on its way

November 29, 2007

The cold weather has arrived, the boys are back in the dorm after a visit home, and we are heading into the winter semester. During the winter the days schedule flips around, all the winter activities head to the mountain at 12pm, and on campus it is a hive of activity. Dance, basketball and drama. After a hectic afternoon the students return to school for their final class of the day. Just another day at Gould.

We love winter, it’s the main reason we first came to Maine, some may say we are mad, but after a our first winter here we knew this was where we wanted to stay. We even braved the Ice Storm of 1997 and we were still not put off.
We look forward to winter, when most people look forward to hot days on the beach, sailing or just hanging out.

Winter at Gould brings us The Snowball, an evening of dancing, white lights and ball-gowns . The girls pull out all the stops in beautiful dresses and the boys in ties, jackets, dress pants. They even get on the dance floor…….. watch out Dancing with The Stars….. some of the them can really throw down a good jitterbug.

Yule fest, possibly one of our favorite evenings of the year…… if you have never attended mark the date in your calendar. It’s the first opportunity the new kids on the block get to show off their amazing musical talents to the public.

Then Winter Carnival is also great fun, with speculation about when it will happen….. Sledding, Skiing the Gould way….. 2 people attached to one pair of skis, the Human Amoeba and more..! All the dorm and the day students dressed in their chosen color ready to support each other and broom ball until their shins are black and blue.
Just for the record, Davidson has dominated the Winter Carnival for the last 3 years, so to the other teams out. BRING IT…..Watch this space for the return of Captain Plaid, maybe Mrs Manning knows his identity?

Until next Thursday
Chris & Helen


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