Winter Is On Its Way!

October 16, 2015

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It is true winter is on its way and if Sunday River can help it, it is going to arrive well before Old Man Winter does…!

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September 22

SR has been very busy all fall prepping the snowmaking system by resetting all the tower/land guns, laying out all the needed hoses, and running pressure test on the entire system to make sure everything is running at maximin efficiency.

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The mountain is not the only place around here trying to get a jump start on winter. We take our preseason winter training pretty seriously here at school as well.  Many of our athletes have been cross training all fall with their sports (soccer, cross-country running, mountain biking, and golf) and our on snow strength and conditioning program.

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We have also been working the trampoline pretty hard here at Gould and have even crossed the boarder and traveled up to Quebec to their water ramp training facility.


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And as you all know it takes the right equipment to make it through a competitive skis season on the East Coast, so the Sunday River crew and all the eastern reps set up shop in our Field House to insure that all our athletes are matched up with the right equipment and fit exactly right!

So bring it on, Old Man Winter, we’re ready and waiting!!!!



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