winter carnival!

January 30, 2008

Day Students- Team Red

Gehring- Team Blue

Davidson- Team Plaid

Holden- Team Black & Gold

and the WINNER is…..

Davidson, Team plaid!

Yesterday was winter carnival here at the Academy, and a very exciting day it was! From obstacle courses to sled races, tandem nordic skiing and amoebas, it was quite the day. The team spirit was huge. Gehring and the Blue Blizzards were looking awesome, and really put all we had into the races. Davidson, led by glogger Mr. Davies (whose secret identity on Winter Carnival day only is Captain Plaid!), took the win in the outdoor activities. The week is still going, and Gehring may have a chance to win if we can pull through in the spirit and trivia!


I’ll let you know how things turn out!


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