Winter Carnival

February 13, 2015

So get ready for A LOT of photos, (and this time I have a good excuse)! This past Tuesday was Winter Carnival, a day filled with sports, competitive games and best of all, NO SCHOOL!!!  We started off going to sports in the morning like we always do on Tuesdays, and then the fun began. Even our assembly had a competition! Here’s my quad mate, David Lozeau participating in the junior four point bag stuffing race:



Oh and all of these photos I’m posting were taken by Dirk MacKnight

And then we took things outside to the upper fields, with the Day Students making quite an entry



We all wore our dorm colors, and competed in the games with our dorms. The first thing we did was the ball toss, launching a soccer ball between two groups using bed sheets:




And then we moved on to the sled pull, which was basically dog sledding except instead of dogs, we use Gould students.


And after that we ran through an obstacle course in the two foot deep snow which was way more of a workout than we expected.


It started with sledding down a hill but it got a lotttt harder afterwards. Following the obstacle course was the two person nordic skiing. Two people had to figure out how to ski twenty yards, turn around, (which was the hardest part), and ski another twenty yards back to the start.


After these four competitions, we topped it off with a tug-of-war. Here’s Davidson about to win:



After winter carnival finished, Motor Booty Affair put on a concert in Bingham


I hope you got to see how amazing our Tuesday was, and how Gould turns a regular Tuesday into something to remember!


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    Looks like a fun day!!! Thanks for the pics and recap:)

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