January 25, 2012

If you were to walk or drive by Gould Academy yesterday, campus wouldn’t have looked quite as quiet and tranquil as it usually does on a week day. Instead, you would have seen kids in all different colors and outfits sprinting around on the upper fields, carrying flags, pulling sleds, or cross-country skiing.

No, this isn’t part of our regular school routine (although that would be kinda awesome), and

This is WINTER CARNIVAL, the “most anticipated event of the year”, according to many. Its a chance not only to sleep in and have no class, but also for the four teams (Holden, Davidson, Gehring, and Day Students) to test their strength, speed, and skill against each other and see who comes out on top.

The classic Winter Carnival events include the sled race, the tandem ski race, the amoeba race, the obstacle course, and of course, what competition wouldn’t be complete without tug-of-war. Each team takes about 15 minutes at each event, trying to get the fastest time, the most laps, or the most style points. The faculty help out too, tallying points, running the stopwatches and keeping the peace.

Here’s a video of some things that you may or may not expect to see at Winter Carnival. Enjoy!

(Sorry most of the clips are of Day Students, but I had to stay with my team!)

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