Winter Carnival

January 28, 2009

It’s Winter Carnival!

Yesterday Gould took a break from class and work to get outside, enjoy the winter, and celebrate the spirit of fun competition. We spent the day in the sparkling snow, working as teams to tackle different events that were set up in the soccer feild.
I was part of the Day student team. We started out at the amoeba race. The purpose of this activity was to have the entire team link arms and travel as one, big amoeba. Knee-deep snow made this race especially difficult. There were even a few causalties of shoes lost in the powder.
In the obstacle course two team members went at a time and charged through the snow, leaping over benches, dribbling soccer balls, and scrambling up steep snow banks. For the human sled-dog race someone lightweight would be inlisted to sit in a sled as several others would drag them around as fast as possible. The tandem nordic skiing required two people to jump onto a pair of giant skis and try to ski from one flag to another.
Davidson at tandem ski race
Relay at assembly
Gehring in the amoeba race
Lastly, the teams came together for an intense game of tug-of-war. Although each team fought valiantly, Davidson came out on top as the tug-of-war victors. After points are tallied, the overall winners will be announced. Points are also given for team spirit. Yesterday the feild was ringing with the shouts of cheering teams.
The fun will continue all week. Today wear your blue and gold to show school spirit. Tomorow is twin day, so find someone to dress alike with. On Thursday evening the carnival will close with a tobaggan race.
Have a good week!
Alice H


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