Will Eric Bach ’03 and The Gypsies Win It All?

August 23, 2011

It’s getting down to the wire. There are four teams left as we head into the Expedition Impossible finale this Thursday. Of the four teams, Eric Bach ’03 and The Gypsies seem to be the team to beat having come in first place in every episode but one thus far.

Throughout the show it is clear that the team works well together and is focused on enjoying the moment, the adventure, and the good fortune of being a part of it all.

In an earlier segment of the interview, Eric talks about how he got involved with the show, what it was like participating, and gave a little background on his two Gypsies teammates.

In this second installment of the man behind the mustache, Eric talks more about his experience as a student at Gould, gives a few current and former faculty members some shout outs, and sheds light on some social entrepreneurial work that both he and The Gypsies are working on currently.

Enjoy…and go Gypsies! Our prediction? Expedition Impossible’s inaugural victors.


Gould Academy wishes team Gypsies "good luck" in the Expedition Impossible finale.


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