Why Gould?

October 23, 2007

Aaah, the weather! Fall is such a great time of year in this state. The past few days have been bright and colorful. Nothing could be better.

Why Gould? Gould is in the process of making a documentary-style video that asks and answers that question. Why choose Gould? There are a lot of options out there for education, and for employment. Why have our students and their families chosen Gould and why have the faculty, staff, and administrators who help make this place what it is, chosen Gould?

When I first started working here I noticed something right off the bat- there are so many ways for a student to be good at something here. For a small school Gould has incredible variety in its programs. Afternoon activities range from soccer and field hockey to theater and Farm and Forest. Classes cover everything from Advanced Placement calculus to Chinese, to silversmithing, to music theory. Choosing may be hard, but the opportunities to excel are boundless.

Another thing I noticed is that Gould students treat eachother well. There is a general level of respect that’s given to all students and connections and friendships seem to be made with ease. The social culture of this place is not one of exclusion and cliques. It’s warm and open.

As for faculty, I can speak for myself and why I’ve chosen Gould year after year. Have you seen the spread for Sunday brunch? Just kidding- that’s not what keeps me coming back to work. We get to work with a bunch of adolescents who are interested in their world and who are eager to learn. Whether it’s speaking Spanish or pulling logs with our draft horse, I’m able to do what I love, and share that with interested students. Connections between faculty and students aren’t limited to the “school day.” Every second of every day is a “school day.”

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Pictures: a sunny side of Gehring, a lot of hay was moved, Owen Art Gallery exhibit, Vicki and Gigi, and a mystery- where is that GA?


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