Why Gould Academy is also like summer vacation.

September 25, 2012

OVERHEARD IN THE FORKS, MAINE: “Don’t I look great in this rubber suit?  It’s ’cause it’s black.  Black is slimming.”

Welcome back to school , Gould Academy! 

Note: If you happen to be a Glog-lurker (Glurker?) who works at Gould Academy during the summer, or an alum not lucky enough to have a job offering you full summers off, or a parent of a returning student who sent their kid back here but oyu are not actually “back” at the Academy, or are a new student family who has never been here before, the phrase “welcome back” doesn’t really apply.  A more appropriate salutation might be “Hi!”  Okay, this note is already too long.

Being that this is my first Glog of the year, I perhaps should introduce myself.  My name is Iñigo Montoya…you killed my father…

WAIT!  Sorry, I got carried away after watching “The Princess Bride” last night with my kids.  My name is Doug (“El Jefe“) Alford, and I teach Spanish (“español“) here at Gould (“Gould“).  I also direct the spring musical, co-direct the Ski Patrol program, and like romantic walks along the interstate and the Boston Celtics.  I am also the Tuesday Glogger.

To quickly catch you up:  I had a great summer.  Here’s what I did this summer:

  • I went to Spain to visit friends.
  • I taught at a canoe and kayak camp for kids (nice alliteration, English teachers?).
  • I scaled a mountain using only a pocketknife and toothpicks.
  • I traveled to Canada.
  • I rode my bike a lot (for me).
  • I wrestled a bear using only my thumbs.
  • I played a lot of music (on both my guitar and my radio).
  • I went white-water rafting.  Twice.
  • I invented the word “Glurker.”

In the spirit of full disclosure: Some of the above is actually true.  But we all know that the transition from summer to fall is an important one for teachers and students, so eventually (2 weeks ago) the fun had to come to a close.  So here we are, living “the Gould life” once again, and I celebrated my first real weekend back at school by….going white-water rafting.  Again.

Seriously, I am officially an addict now.  When I heard that the Outing Club was going north to the Kennebec River to engage in a day filled with bounces, drops, holes, geysers, and figure-slimming rubber suits, I couldn’t say no.  And apparently I didn’t give THEM the chance to say “no” to me either.  I joined the eight students and two teachers at Dead River Expeditions for an amazing day.  I even brought our visiting teacher from China, Stephen Lee, with me for the day.

He’s an addict now too.

When I returned to campus, tired, wet, and totally happy, I found out that there were some other activities going on, like a 12-hour mountain bike race, a trip to Quebec, a trip to Boston, a day-long trip to a ropes course, and other really fun-sounding activities.  Yes, school sure is different from summer vacation!


I wanted to post a picture of the rafting trip, to show you how amazing it was!  Unfortunately the Go-Pro camera we brought was lost in the mighty Kennebec River by a student who shall remain unnamed. Instead I am including a photo of the study hall I am currently monitoring.

Tristan, the student who dropped the camera, is NOT in this study hall.


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  1. Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

    Great blog entry as always Doug.

    Since you mentioned the Celtics, and summer vacation, it is relevant for me to ask: What did you think of the C’s off-season moves?

  2. Avatar Charlie Newell says:

    Hi Doug and Greg !!!! Speaking of the Celtics, did you know that I was in the same Platoon USMC Parris Island,SC, Summer 1969 as Celtic Great #10 Jo Jo White. What a nice person.

    • Greg Gilman Greg Gilman says:

      Wow! I didn’t know that Charlie. That’s unreal!

      Dave & Carrie Lynch got a chance to meet Jo Jo White at a game a couple years ago. They were sitting right next to him. In the story I heard, he let Carrie try on one of his Championship Rings!

  3. Avatar Alex Kerne says:

    Next time you find yourself in the company of a GoPro take a good look at the hinge of the door. Notice that section right in the middle, where it’s only metal and not plastic? It’s where you attach a lanyard which you then tie to the helmet strap and hopefully also tape down.

    or to put it in other words:

    “Whats the difference between a boater sponsored by GoPro, those that think they are, and those that aren’t?”

    The boaters sponsored by GoPro and those that think they are don’t have a lanyard. Everyone else ties it too their helmet.

  4. Avatar Fred says:

    I like turtles

  5. Avatar Erika Hoddinott says:

    Next time let ME take you guys down the river!

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