Why a snow covered field is good for baseball…

March 13, 2013



If you look at the title of my blog you may wonder why? Well,  the picture you see above was taken by Jamie Frailey and it shows how beautiful the home of Gould Academy is. The mountains you see in the background are the beginnings of the Mahoosucs. It is also the backside of Sunday River. Let’s be honest, Gould is not a place where you can play baseball outside twelve months of the year; that’s what the fieldhouse is for.   The advantage a snow covered field gives you is the opportunity to cross train by doing other sports. More and more,  coaches of athletes under the age of eighteen are talking about the benefits of playing more than one sport. Specialization too early leads to several problems:

1. Loss of interest: Young athletes get bored of doing the same sport all the time. Just like adults get bored doing the same job all the time.

2. Cross training: The more sports you play the more fit you can become. For example, have you ever been to a Classic Nordic Ski Race? Watch what those athletes do for twelve miles. The arm, leg and core workout is amazing. Plus, it’s a sport that uses plenty of different muscles.

3. Agility: When you play different sports, you use more muscles and you learn to use them differently, thus becoming a more agile and flexible athlete. Repetitive use of the same muscles can be damaging.

When the snow melts, we have lots of time for baseball. We are usually on the field by the end of March/beginning of April, and with our legion schedule, we play until August. In the fall and the winter, we get together once or twice a week for hitting and throwing, and we are also playing other sports. In the end, the goal of the Gould Academy Baseball Program is to make you a better person as well as a better athlete. Whether your top athletic priority is baseball, skiing or golf, if you’re a member of the baseball team, you’ll make progress in many places.






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