White Gold

November 14, 2007

What’s WHITE GOLD……?? Snow of course, and Gould has access to loads of the stuff.

I know we’ve talked a little about Sunday River opening on Halloween and pictures of student athletes ripping it up. But I just can’t help myself from writing about it again (plus I’ve come to a creative stand still…!)
So here is a story about a New England school with some programs that you may not know about.
Competitive Alpine skiing, Snowboarding, Freestyle Skiing and Nordic Racing ; these pretty much speak for themselves. These are the students who train to compete, and they compete all over the country, and train primarily at Sunday River, using the Kailey Competition Center located at Barker base lodge.
Prep and Development skiing and snowboarding, these programs are for all level skiers and riders to better their skills on the hill, the prep team could be compared to a junior varsity team if the competition team was varsity.
Rug Rats, this is a great program, where students are taught how to teach skiing and snowboarding. Then these students (instructors) teach the local area school children how to ski and ride.
Ski Patrol, this program is Nationally recognised and has had features written about them in Patroller magazines. Students of Gould are trained to become ski patrollers, and many leave Gould fully qualified Patrollers. They quite often continue patrolling at mountains when they leave Gould, which is just brilliant.

Sorry no pictures from us this week. I may dive into my archive today and fish some out.
Have a great day
And pray for White Gold…….

Chris and Helen


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