Where in the World is…. A Tissue Box?

February 21, 2015

Hello and happy February 21st!

So recently I have noticed – at least for the majority of the winter trimester – people have been complaining of the lack of tissues on the school grounds. So, in light of this school-wide predicament, I’m calling a “Bring Back the Tissues Campaign”.
Students have been left without tissues during this prime time season of runny noses and contagious coughs. What is a student supposed to do if they need to expel nasal mucus? Use paper towels? Toilet paper? Absurd! And not to mention rough on your poor, little, smell-sensitive extremity.

This blog post is meant to spread awareness to the cause. Please send your support!
I have also included some pictures of places around Gould that DO in fact have tissues!! Students, please use this blog to your advantage the next time you find yourself in need of a paper handkerchief.

No tissues in the library.                               No tissues in Gehring.  

IMG_4755  IMG_0281

No tissues in the Ideas Center.
(A very deceiving box filled with important papers)         No tissues in Trustees Auditorium.


No tissues in the art cottage. Is sneezing on your piece considered a work of art?

HERE is where some tissues are in fact located.

The teacher’s lounge.                                                            Mr. Alford’s classroom.

IMG_0266  IMG_0272

Mr. Bean’s Classroom.                                  This random desk. (Outside the Language Center)
IMG_0273  IMG_0274

College Counseling                                        The Academic Skills Center.
IMG_0275  IMG_0276

The area near the hot beverage machine.

Perhaps we should invest in more tissues for the more public places? Not everyone has class with Mr. Alford and Mr. Bean. When you’re an underclassman, the college counseling office can seem pretty scary, the teacher’s lounge is just too intimidating, and not everyone is in the academic skills center program.

Thanks and spread the word!

Yogi Tea Quote
“Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.”


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