Where Are We?

February 26, 2008

Where in the world are Gould students? During 4 Point week it’s hard to keep track!

The Freshmen are in China. If you haven’t seen the “Gould in China” blog I highly recommend it! Tom Whittington has been updating it daily with photos and interesting information about the sites they’re visiting. Here’s a direct link- Gould in China.

Juniors are making their way deeper into Maine’s winter mountains. For the next 7 days they’ll live the simpler life of winter camping, concerned primarily with meeting their daily needs and traveling comfortably on snowshoes and with backpacks. Having worked many winters as an Outward Bound instructor, I appreciate the value of hard work and of real and natural consequences. Here’s to each of the juniors who has chosen to embrace the challenge of Junior Point! Winter is a wonderful classroom. Their perception of their world, and their classmates is sure to change.

Sophomores are here on campus this week. Their point started last evening with a lesson and slide show about the history of Gould Academy. Want to know why the Husky is our school mascot? Ask a sophomore! Monday the sophs volunteered their time to service projects. The projects included:
shoveling the snow-laden roofs of our older neighbors
making kids’ blankets for the Linus Project
hosting a senior citizen lunch in Ordway
helping in the elementary school
volunteering at a food bank
moving hay…

I’m sure I missed something. It was a busy day of hard work. Tomorrow, however, is “FUN DAY!” Activities include tubing, broom-ball, and movies. Wednesday they start working with the artists. Click here to read more about 4 point.

Can you believe there’s more snow in the forecast? I hear Sunday River is expecting a foot of new snow starting Tuesday.

Until next week Gloggers,



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