Where Are They Now..??

March 20, 2008

Guess what it snowed again, campus is quiet and white yet again. Will the snowbanks ever melt….?!?! So Thursday rolls around again and we discuss what to post on the blog and an email pops up from a parent of an Alum. Hence the title. We all wonder what they are up to, so heres a quick picture of some alums we come in to contact with.

The email was from Jonathan Kranzleys ’07, parents letting us know about his recent success on the Fort Collins cycle team.

“The new road racing course created a more tactical race situation, Hagan said. That added to the racing intrigue of Sunday’s final events.
Fort Lewis College freshman Jonathan Kranzley stepped up and won the Men’s • race on Sunday morning, Hagan said.
“He’s really stepping up for us,” Hagan said.

From The Durango Herald

Sunday River’s Childrens Ski school has enjoyed the return of a lot of alums working through their Christmas and spring breaks.
Jamie Moulton ’07, Amy Gaidis ’06, Becky Slattery ’06 teach snowboarding to the 7-14 year olds.
Will Getchell ’07, Lorenzo Baker ’06 teaching skiing to 7-14 year olds
Hannah Cowen ’07 , Charles Parsons ’06, Amiee Harrison, ’07, Morgan Carver ’07, Meredith Gadd ’04 all teaching skiing to the 3-6 year olds

Gould Academy Competition Program has Brian Broderick ’02, Chris Brooks ’99, Sam Bowen ’06, coaching freestyle skiing, Dustin Holzweis ’02 snowboarding, Nate Fisher ’00 with the full time alpine team.

Sunday River Patrol has seen Jimmy Catlin ’07, Alex Kearney ’06 and Alex Smith ’06 returning to work in their breaks.

When the Gouldies leave we know we always see them again, in some form or another, so if you are an Alum reading this dont be a stranger we always like to see you all.

Chris & Helen Davies


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