Feeling Stressed? 5 Ways to Decompress.

October 15, 2014

We all have times when everything is just going out of their orbital, aren’t we ? We all have times when we feel like the world has gone crazy and just crazier from there. We all have times when we are on an emotion roller coasters with the roller coasters just go down and down and down. Believe me, I’m BEST FRIENDS with those times. They are no longer strangers for me.  At first, I would freak out and would go on a full panic mode. As time goes on, I became familiar to those chaos and welcomed them like they were an old friend ( though very unpleasant and unwelcome, but nevertheless old friend). You want to know how I treat my old friend ? Here’s my top 5 things to do when you’re feeling down.

1. Take a shower

Whenever I don’t feel good,  I take a shower. It seems like after you are bathed in cold water, everything is better. Everything is just clearer after you take a shower. You feel clearer. You can think clearer. This is also my to-go activity when I have a writer’s block.  Almost all my brilliant ideas were born in the bathroom …

2. Have a cup of tea / hot chocolate

Many of you love coffee, but I just couldn’t stand the bitterness. I wouldn’t want to drink something bitter when I’m upset. So do yourself a favor and make a cup of tea ( or hot chocolate!). My favorite tea is Hot Cinnamon Spiced Tea from Harney & Sons ( Highly recommended!). Find a quiet place, sit down, take a deep breathe, watch the steam rising from your cup, and drink it. Drink slowly. Don’t think anything. Unwind your mind and your body. Trust me, you’ll completely feel better.

3. Stand up, go out and talk a walk.

Personally, I hate sports. I really do. Especially running. However, when I’m stressed, I always find myself lacing my shoes and sprinting up all those beautiful hills in bethel ( that did not seem very beautiful when I’m on a team run … ) When you run, you also forget about your problems. Your only focus is to move forward. That’s it. Keep moving forward.

4. Pick up a book and read

To me, book is escaping reality. I can go to whichever world, whichever time period I want: from USA 1980s to the magical Middle-earth, from Panem to London’s Diagonal Alley. I get to read about how other people deal with their problems, and their problems are usually much much bigger than mine ..

5. Sleep

This is the last resort. When all things fail, take a nap. That’s my motto.


I hope that you will find this post helpful. I hope that you will feel better. I hope that you had a really good day today and a really lovely week.

– Much love



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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Thanks for sharing your ways to decompress, Haylee. Great suggestions:) Enjoy the break.

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