When Two Worlds Collide…..

November 7, 2007

Greetings Gloggers
Well the title sounds very exciting doesn’t it, well here is the story. Science collides with Snowboard Team….??!?!
Peter Hedden, freshman science teacher wanted to teach a class about force, acceleration, apples and babies. OK, not apples and babies…..!
So he comes up with an idea. What do we have at Gould that really shows these things happen, almost daily…..EUREKA…..!
The trampoline, and some volunteer bouncers, ME…Jacob Dorval-Hall….Kyle Dorfman.

So on Tuesday Mr Hedden brought three separate classes to the APEX Trampoline room, and set up a laptop and projection unit. And with a sensor in my hand, I gracefully bounced to a height of 3.3m (almost 10ft) and the class collected data. It was a little distracting watching the data on the wall recording real time velocity and force and flail…! But bags of fun. The groups will now go back to the class room to work with the data.

Well that was Tuesday. Wednesday, as Kiley reminded us was soccer play off games.
I was lucky enough to get some time to go to the boys Hebron game. Unfortunately the game was a 3-1 win to Hebron. But our Huskies played really well in the freezing conditions. Fabians great goal, and Ben’s (Big Red’s) safe hands really did make this a much closer game than the score may suggest.
As for the girls, they played Kents Hill at Kents Hill. At time of press, I heard they also lost (0-2), but it was a close game. And my fellow glogger Kiley hurt her wrist, best wishes Kiley.

And finally
There hasn’t been much gratuitous use of cute animals to gain readers, so here goes. We just got a new kitten. Every one please welcome BANKSY to the Gould community.

Chris D + Helen D


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