What’s Your Favorite Word?

February 9, 2014

Hey everyone,

It has been a quiet weekend here on campus, as it is Winter Parents Weekend. Therefore, most students are off campus to enjoy a few days with their parents – which pretty much explains why the dining hall was empty and the dorms are strangely quiet.

So I was bored. So bored I decide to do a little bit of homework.

And exercised.


But anyway, I have always wanted to ask people what their favorite word is (in any languages, of course). Recently, I have been following pages on Facebook that posts new words almost everyday; some words supposedly taken from other languages, such as “meraki” – “to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.”

Honestly, I can’t test the credibility of these new words, but it’s fun to know that such words exist in some languages in this world.

As for myself, my favorite word, for no reason, is “ecstasy.” I never get this word right at first time – I usually mess up with all the c’s and s’s. I don’t know why I like it, either. It is just that whenever I look at this word, I see an elegant and noble lady, and of course its meaning represents my daily goal.

What about you – do you have a favorite word?



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